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Define your target group, know their needs and set up effective marketing.

Develop maximum sales potential thanks to target group research

In digitalized and fast-moving times, regular research into target groups is essential. Through target group research, companies are and remain in tune with the times: they receive up-to-date insights into existing and potential customers and reach them better.

As a Online market research provider we offer companies these insights!

  • Define target group and advertise effectively
  • Know and cover customer needs
  • Respond to changes in the target group
  • Understand customer behavior
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Target group research as a response to the constantly changing market

Target group research helps, on the one hand, to precisely define the target group and, on the other hand, to optimize communication with this target group. Without a careful definition of the target group, deficits arise when addressing advertising campaigns and formulating advertising slogans. However, challenges arise when defining the target group, because the market is characterized by a large selection of products and services as well as constant innovations.
In line with the ever-changing market, consumer preferences are more diverse than ever. In addition, constantly changing trends influence consumers' decisions and can lead to existing customers no longer finding the current offer adequate. These circumstances have a direct impact on marketing and customer communication, because companies have to adapt to the diversity and changes in the market. In order to achieve this, not just one-off, but recurring and therefore regular target group research is of central importance.
Now our market research institute INTSAMP comes into play: In order to use resources efficiently and reach the right people in the right place at the right time, we offer individual and highly precise target group research. Thanks to the insights from our research, companies base their marketing, product development and customer service on up-to-date data. This leads to a better understanding of the target audience, which in turn helps in developing targeted strategies to achieve higher conversion rates and more sales.

In addition to target group research, we offer in our Services further research so that companies can gain holistic impressions on several aspects when working with us. We are flexible in the provision of our services: from setup to presentation of the results, we develop individual service packages that our experts implement in full service. We are even able to carry out quick research with results presented within 24 hours if companies are under time pressure.

Advantages of our services in target group research

Time savings and freedom

New products have an influence on brand perception, advertising campaigns on the brand image and brand strength. Conversely, the brand influences the success of new products and advertising campaigns. The interactions between the brand and other aspects mean that systemic and flexible brand research is of great importance. We guarantee exactly this type of brand research!

Locally and globally

Our participant pool includes over 2 million panelists in over 70 countries. We carefully filter these to suit our customers' research concerns Sampling. Thanks to the well-thought-out qualification process for sampling, it is possible to filter research participants precisely based on over 3.000 criteria! This will definitely help you find the right panelists for individual research.

Increase conversion numbers

Advertising campaigns are evaluated using key performance indicators (KPIs). One of the KPIs is the conversion rate. One possible reason for low conversion rates is that the target group is not optimally addressed by the advertising. At this point, target group research provides information about optimization potential for advertising.

Optimize service

From certain methods of target group research, companies learn how they can optimize the service in order to retain existing customers and, if necessary, encourage them to make new purchases. This can prove particularly helpful in terms of increasing cross-selling sales and exploiting growth potential.

Advantages of our services in target group research

Target group research is the key to successful marketing strategies. At INTSAMP, we advance companies through detailed research. With the help of our work, target groups can be identified and precisely defined using dozens of characteristics, giving companies, for example, information about social aspects and moral values ​​within the target group. In addition, highly precise data about existing customers can be obtained.

There are essentially two methods in target group research: on the one hand, segmentation to define the target group and, on the other hand, customer surveys for a better understanding of the needs and wishes of customers. We present these two methods below, but at the same time point out that we also master other methods in target group research (e.g. building a customer panel; customer loyalty analysis).

If you have any questions or are interested in further research methods, please contact us.


Segmentation involves dividing the target group into small and specific groups or segments - based on e.g. B. demographic characteristics and preferences. Special research is used to gain insights that facilitate the development of tailored marketing strategies for different groups.

Customer survey

This method makes it possible to collect information about the target group by surveying customers online, by telephone, in person or by mail. The questions aim to understand the preferences, opinions, needs and behaviors of the target group. Customer surveys often provide insights that would not be available any other way.

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