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Obtain detailed market and customer knowledge. Develop and market products better.

Long life cycle and high profitability through product research

In today's competitive business world, meeting audience expectations is crucial. INTSAMP offers professional product research and in this way supports companies in developing and marketing high-selling products.

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  • For every phase of product development
  • To determine optimal advertising concepts
  • Promoting innovation processes
  • Testing and evaluation of product features
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Success with detailed product research

Developing and marketing successful products requires in-depth market and customer knowledge. In order to acquire and expand such knowledge, we offer among our Services product research. By professionally applying various research methods, we are able to generate high-quality data and thus help companies achieve the success of their products.

When choosing the right research methods, companies obtain exactly the data they need. Following the objective analysis of the data, it is possible to develop, optimize and market the products using the market and customer knowledge gained in such a way that the products achieve a long life cycle and achieve high profitability.

As a professional and experienced Online market research provider We offer product research using several methods. We conduct both local product research in Hamburg and global research in over 70 countries around the world. Thanks to the participant pool with more than 2 million panelists, we can ensure the selection of suitable participants and high data quality.

Our services can be flexibly adapted to the needs of our customers. Flexibility also includes research that has to be carried out under time pressure: If necessary, our experts provide the research results within 24 hours. We provide full service from setup to evaluation of the results, with customers benefiting from tailor-made services.

Advantages of our services in product research

Contribution to innovation

Due to the high demands of customers, iterative processes are often required in innovation management. With our services, companies can advance corresponding processes by using the data from our product research, e.g. B. use it to develop MVPs or in rapid prototyping.

High data quality

Through our careful sampling, we ensure that qualified panelists who are not just financially motivated take part in the research. Thanks to the broad recruiting base, suitable panelists can be found for every research subject and every research question. The panelists can be selected based on more than 3.000 criteria.

Sound basis for decision-making

As a provider of product research in Hamburg, throughout Germany and the world, our work provides every company with a well-founded basis for decision-making so that they can use the data to react quickly to market changes, develop tailor-made products and market them effectively with a suitable advertising concept.

More services

Developing successful products and achieving maximum sales potential requires more than just detailed product research. They often deliver Target group research and Price research other important findings. If necessary, we put together comprehensive and holistic research solutions from our other services.

Examples of product research methods

With INTSAMP's variety of methods, companies have extensive options in the area of ​​product research. Whether before product development, during the development process or after production during marketing: We have the right methods to explore all aspects of product research! This gives companies detailed and valuable insights into every research question that they can use for their product success.

Below we provide an insight into 6 product research methods and present them. Some of the methods can be integrated into iterative creativity processes as part of modern innovation management and have a supporting effect on the operational business of the company. Depending on the individual case, we put together individual service packages for companies and select the appropriate research methods. In addition to those presented here, we also offer other product research methods.

usability tests

Usability testing aims to evaluate the usability and functionality of the product. They can be used at different stages of development. In the early stages of development they help, for example: B. to identify optimization potential. In the final stage, companies use fit-for-use tests to check whether the product is ready for the market.

Campaign tracking

Campaign tracking allows you to monitor and measure the success of communication in advertising campaigns. Companies learn how many people interact with advertising and in what way. We implement tracking methods and analyze the results.

Conjoint method

In the conjoint method, research participants are presented with different products with different characteristics. Repeated runs determine which product features are highly useful and which are irrelevant. Thanks to this research method, companies gain clarity about the benefits of their product features.

Concept testing

The successful marketing of a product requires the existence of a tailor-made advertising concept. Companies often have no shortage of concepts, but their effectiveness remains unclear: How do companies know which advertising material and which advertising message works best for their target group? A concept test provides answers.

Customer research

Customer research includes methods such as surveys, interviews and focus groups. Here, customer opinions about the product are recorded and possible potential for improvement is identified. The fact that we carry out and evaluate the research as an external market research institute ensures absolute objectivity in data analysis.

Name, claim and packaging tests

These are three different research methods that deal with aspects of product marketing. Name and claim tests reveal which name or claim works best. Since packaging is the first visual touchpoint for customers, it makes sense to also test its visual impact and practical use.

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