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Increase leadership quality and employee satisfaction. Attract and retain skilled workers.

Manage the company better through insights from employee surveys

In today's business world, satisfied and committed employees are a crucial factor in the success of a company. As a professional Online market research provider We carry out employee surveys of all kinds.

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  • Identify potential for improvement
  • Make employees happier and retain them
  • Increase productivity and creativity
  • Develop yourself as a leader
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Promote modern corporate management through employee surveys

It's not just the markets, customer requirements and competition that have changed extensively in the last few decades. The demands employees place on their employers have also changed. In particular, it is the Millennial generation and the next generation, Gen Z, who are responsible for the change. When assessing their employers, they no longer focus on (only) pay, but also on a variety of other factors.

In addition to payment, for example B. the opportunities for personal development, maintaining the work-life balance and helping to shape the company have become more relevant. Companies that offer their employees these opportunities have a strong advantage over other companies in the fight for the rare skilled workers and in acquiring additional employees; Employee productivity and satisfaction are also higher under these conditions.

Not every company can or wants to offer its employees such modern corporate management. Nevertheless, it is important to determine employee satisfaction and, based on employee feedback, to make the optimizations that are individually possible and sensible. Whether to modernize the entire company management or to make small optimizations: the employee surveys carried out by our institute are essential!

We advise companies individually when making contact and find out the company's wishes and situation. We are then able to develop specific concepts for conducting employee surveys. We implement these concepts with our experts as part of our full-service offering.

Advantages of our services in employee surveys

Anonymity and data protection

Anonymity and data protection are two core requirements for conducting employee surveys. Unless an employee survey is carried out anonymously, the willingness to express criticism openly is largely lower. We guarantee anonymity and also use software for our work that also guarantees the protection of company and employee data.

Convincing full service

We provide our customers with full service, from the setup of the employee survey through its implementation by our experts to the presentation of the results. Individual support ensures that customers receive exactly the services and results they need to make their decisions. When visualizing and presenting the results, we also focus on the customer.

experience and expertise

Companies can find out more about the size of our market research institute on our sampling page. We have over 2 million panelists in over 70 countries around the world - even if we don't need any of these panelists for the employee survey, just the company's employees, the scale of our work shows that we are able to carry out any employee survey successfully.

Structured and efficient process

Our employee survey process begins with an individual consultation. Following this, we are able to define the goals of the research, create the questionnaires, carry out the surveys, objectively evaluate the data and develop suitable measures. We offer various types of employee surveys – written, online or interview-based.

Employee surveys with different intentions

It's not just important to survey employees about their personal satisfaction in the company. Feedback to managers is also a central part of modern corporate management. With our professional and methodically sound employee surveys, we help companies achieve happier and more committed employees. We also offer more if required Services from the field of market and opinion research.

Below we provide an insight into the various intentions of the employee surveys. These also include innovative approaches such as 360° feedback, in which employees give each other anonymous feedback. The data collected is rich and provides far-reaching inspiration for internal optimization.

Raise employee satisfaction

By surveying employee satisfaction, companies gain an idea of ​​how satisfied employees are with various aspects of the company. In addition to measuring satisfaction with specific aspects (e.g. internal communication; working conditions), it is possible to determine overall satisfaction.

Feedback to managers

A key aspect of the company's success is the performance of its managers. Through leadership feedback, managers learn what they can do better in the eyes of employees. Based on the diverse findings from the employee survey, managers also receive information on how they can develop personally.

Feedback to employees

Depending on the company's internal communication culture, feedback to employees may be neglected. As a professional provider of market and opinion research, we are happy to step in and fill this gap. If requested, we can also use innovative methods, such as 360° feedback.

Observations in everyday work

Apart from direct employee surveys, it is possible to use psychological personality models, whereby employees are observed in their everyday working life and conclusions are drawn about employee satisfaction. Sometimes aspects are uncovered that employees and managers are not aware of.

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