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Understand consumer behavior and communicate effectively.

Communication research for effective brand messages

When companies communicate appropriately, they effectively convey their messages to the target group. This allows them to achieve their goals in an efficient manner. As Online market research provider We support companies with qualitative communication research.

Develop effective communication strategies with our help!

  • Measuring the success of advertising campaigns

  • Check the effectiveness of advertising texts

  • Find influencers that match your brand
  • Research perception of the brand
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Increase corporate success with global and local communication research

Marketing is communication. Regardless of which medium (e.g. video; advertising text) and with what goal (e.g. increasing sales; image campaign) marketing is carried out: the right communication strategy and the choice of the right words are crucial for success. But how do companies know that their communication is having the desired effect? The answer to this question is: communication research with INTSAMP.
As an experienced market research institute with over 2 million research participants globally, we make local and global market and opinion research possible with high data quality. As with our other services, we use various research methods - depending on the research subject - to provide our customers with a well-founded basis for decision-making for effective communication.
From copy tests to campaign tracking to influencer research, we serve the entire spectrum of communication research. In this way, we give companies insight into how target groups perceive and react to a wide variety of messages. In doing so, we help understand consumer behavior and ensure that brand messages are received effectively and have a real impact on the target group.

In order to meet the individual requirements of companies, we at INTSAMP offer several service packages. Customer-oriented support from our experts is guaranteed for every service package! From setup to presentation of the results, we ensure high-quality research thanks to our full-service offering. If requested, we can also help you derive suitable measures from the research results.

Advantages of our services in communication research

Broad and global participant pool

Our participant pool of over 2 million panelists can be used for market research in over 70 countries. The panelists are selected carefully Sampling, in which we exclude research participants who are only financially motivated. We use more than 3.000 criteria to filter the appropriate panelists for the various communication research methods.

Possibility of quick results

Sometimes companies are under time pressure and need their research results as quickly as possible. In view of today's intense competition and the requirements for rapid innovation management, it is essential to be able to offer customers research results within 24 hours. Our experts carry out such quick research when required and ensure reliable results.

Objective analysis of the data

Objectivity in data analysis is a crucial factor in drawing the right conclusions from research and taking optimal measures in communication with the target group. As an external market research institute, we can guarantee absolute objectivity in data analysis. Due to the distance to the company and the target groups, we are also good support in deriving measures following the research.

Basis for effective strategies

Whether to determine the optimal campaign motif, to formulate an effective advertising copy or to select the right influencer: our communication research is the basis for creating and/or improving communication strategies. As a provider of online market research with extensive experience, we think ahead and, if desired, suggest optimization measures for communication tailored to the target group.

Holistic communication research: 4 methods at a glance

With a professional partner like INTSAMP at their side, companies exploit the full potential of their communication strategies and increase success. When you contact us, companies receive individual advice and a tailor-made service package. This package also includes the selection of suitable research methods.

INTSAMP offers a variety of methods for conducting communication research. We can use the individual methods to examine various aspects of corporate communication. We present 4 research methods below, but of course we offer a more comprehensive pool of methods. If the desired research method is not among the 4 methods presented, we will be happy to provide more detailed information about the possibilities of communication research with INTSAMP in a personal conversation or by email.

Copy testing

Our copy tests can be used to test the effectiveness of advertising texts. We check the comprehensibility, persuasiveness, emotional appeal and other aspects of the advertising. INTSAMP provides companies with tips on how to optimize their advertising texts.

Campaign tracking

Campaign tracking allows you to monitor and measure the success of communication in advertising campaigns. Companies learn how many people interact with advertising and in what way. We implement tracking methods and analyze the results.

Testimonials and influencers

Testimonials and customer reviews create trust and credibility. Influencers use their reach and influence to promote products or services. We help you find the right testimonials and influencers and measure their effectiveness.

Claim testing

Claim tests can be used to test the perception of brand promises. Companies find out whether their claims are viewed by the target group as credible and convincing and whether they elicit the desired reaction. We support you in optimizing claims.

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