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Analyze brand strength. Identify brand drivers. Increase brand success.

Brand research with high data quality

As a global one Online market research provider INTSAMP offers brand research using comprehensive methods. We make it possible, among other things, to measure brand awareness. The findings from our brand research contribute to increasing brand success.

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  • Analyze brand awareness and image

  • Measure brand strength in comparison to competitors
  • Find out reasons for purchases and brand loyalty
  • Testing the perception of logos and claims
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Global and local brand research with a variety of methods

Knowledge about brand strength, brand perception and other aspects in the context of your own brand are crucial for companies. Brands not only determine how a company is perceived, but also play a central role in customers' decision-making in the purchasing process and in competition with rival companies.

Through high-quality and holistic brand research, companies gain knowledge about all central aspects of their brand. Based on the knowledge from brand research, companies can make more informed marketing decisions, improve customer loyalty and customer acquisition and strengthen their own market position.
INTSAMP offers expertise and resources for the success of every brand through accurate and holistic brand research. Using modern and established research methods, we obtain reliable data on aspects such as brand awareness, brand image and brand strength. Our research methods include surveys, interviews, focus groups, sales data analysis and many more!

Thanks to close support with individually developed research concepts, companies receive highly precise and attractively visualized research data. Regardless of the services booked, companies always benefit from detailed and objective insights with our services - this is what we stand for with our over 2 million research participants in over 70 countries!

Advantages of our services in brand research

Holistic research

New products have an influence on brand perception, advertising campaigns on the brand image and brand strength. Conversely, the brand influences the success of new products and advertising campaigns. The interactions between the brand and other aspects mean that systemic and flexible brand research is of great importance. We guarantee exactly this type of brand research!

Full service offer

We provide companies with a comprehensive service, ranging from a highly individual setup at the start of research to a meaningful presentation and visualization of the results. As part of our full-service offering, we also offer companies quick research results within 24 hours if required, for example if the research data is: B. are needed to solve a problem that has arisen spontaneously.

Large and high-quality participant pool

We offer both global and local brand research. We have over 70 million research participants in over 2 countries. We select these participants with the utmost precision based on more than 3.000 criteria to match the respective research topics. The participants in our pool are selected through a careful Sampling selected, which includes a deep profiling of the participants.

Preparatory work for strategy development

Following brand research, companies develop strategies and measures that help them promote brand awareness, brand strength and other core aspects of the brand. Through precise research, we provide a template for strategy development. On the other hand, we conduct targeted research to identify brand drivers. The brand drivers show directly what motivates the target group to buy.

Holistic brand research: 4 important areas at a glance

As a professional provider of online market research, we completely cover the area of ​​brand research. Our customers have the freedom to choose which aspects of the brand they would like to have researched: brand awareness, brand image, brand strength, brand drivers. We research these and other aspects accurately and use the data generated to lay the foundation for companies' strategic planning and their decisions in operational processes.

Below we present 4 areas of brand research. Aside from the research areas presented, we also offer other brand research, in which we, for example, research the strengths and weaknesses of newly developed logos and brand claims. If the following 4 areas do not meet your expectations, please contact us, as we will definitely find a way to develop an optimal and tailor-made research concept for you.

Measure brand awareness

By measuring brand awareness, companies find out how well known their brand is among their target group. We use a variety of methods for reliable measurement. Brand awareness insights from our research make it easier for companies to assess the success of their marketing strategies.

Research brand image

Customers are increasingly paying attention to social and other aspects when making purchasing decisions. The values ​​that a company conveys also influence purchasing decisions. We research how the target group perceives the brand, thereby laying the foundation for companies to improve their brand image.

Measure brand strength

In competitive competition, it is not only important to bring innovative products that offer added value onto the market. It is also relevant to strengthen the brand in order to assert itself in the competition. Our results from measuring brand strength help to better position and further develop the brand in the competition.

Identify brand drivers

A driver analysis shows what motivates the target group to buy from a brand. Our precise analyzes identify the brand drivers in the different phases of the purchasing process. In this way, we provide companies with the template to make decisions about conversion-promoting measures with a high probability of success.

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