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Sales, market share, turnover. Optimizations through optimal pricing strategies.

Find the ideal price through price research

Price research provides insights into customer expectations and price dynamics in the market. The research data is used to develop effective pricing strategies that give companies competitive advantages and increase profit margins.

As a Online market research provider we offer accurate price research!

  • Maximize sales and profit potential

  • Gain competitive advantages

  • Determine the value of individual product features

  • Better understand customers and their behavior

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Price research as the key to business success

Successful pricing is the key to company success. But how do companies ensure that prices are optimal and attract customers? The answer lies in sound data and information applied as a basis for setting prices. Companies generate this data through careful price research using appropriate research methods.
As a professional market research institute, we advance companies through exclusive and holistic concepts for market research and price research and the high-quality implementation of these concepts. We have access to a broad pool of methods from which we select the right research methods and the right panelists in order to provide companies with the greatest added value.
Pricing research can be used to maximize a variety of metrics, such as maximizing sales, market share, and revenue. The insights gained make it easier for companies to develop a pricing strategy that is appropriate for customers and the market. This contributes to increasing sales and strengthening the market position.

We are happy to carry out our research work as a full-service offer. The collaboration always begins with personal advice on price research. We then provide companies with individual support from setup to conducting the research through to the objective evaluation and presentation of the data - upon request, we provide incentives for determining measures following the research.

Advantages of our services in price research

Optimal pricing

Thanks to our pricing research using the appropriate methods, companies receive data to determine the ideal price for a product or service. This is exactly the price that maximizes profits and at the same time does not scare away customers. Pricing research also helps to better understand customers' price sensitivity and willingness to pay in order to adjust prices if necessary.

competitive advantages

Depending on the price research method selected, competitors' pricing strategies are analyzed more or less comprehensively. Even rudimentary analyzes of the prices for competing products and the development of these prices help you to react better to price changes on the market and to benefit from them. Lowering or increasing the price at the best time gives companies a competitive advantage.

Comprehensive panelist pool

With over 2 million research participants in more than 70 countries around the world, INTSAMP enables both local price research in Hamburg and global price research. All panelists for price research and our other services are provided with a high-quality Sampling select. The deep profile of the panelists makes it possible to filter research participants highly accurately based on over 3.000 criteria.

Individual service packages

As diverse as markets, customers and products are, the needs of companies are just as diverse. In order to offer every company the best possible offer, we have a wide range of services. We would be happy to provide several Services into a holistic overall offering. As part of this offer, we use individual research and visualization methods to make our customers' work with research data easier.

4 examples of price research methods

As a professional market research and pricing research provider, we provide multiple methods and techniques to collect highly accurate and reliable data. The variety of methods includes, for example, surveys, interviews, observations and data analysis, which can be used to gain a comprehensive picture of customer preferences and market conditions.

In the following overview we will look at 4 specific methods of price research. With our advice on price research, we support companies in selecting the right methods and then implement the research with enormous precision and data quality. The choice of research methods is based on the product and the research goal. If you have any questions about other research methods, please contact us.

Gabor-Granger method

The Gabor-Granger method is a customer survey. Customers rate whether they would buy a product at different prices. Companies usually define 5 price thresholds. If there is a willingness to pay at a certain price threshold, the next price threshold is presented. This procedure is repeated until there is no willingness to pay. Thanks to the method, price elasticity can be determined.

Van Westendorp method

With this price research method, customers are asked to name specific prices at which the product is “too expensive”, “expensive”, “cheap” and “too cheap” for them. The price mentioned for “too cheap” is the minimum price that can be set for a product. Usually, the ideal price range when using the Van Westendorp method is “too expensive” and “expensive” in combination with “too cheap”.

Conjoint analysis

We also offer conjoint analysis as part of product research. It is a method that can be used to assess the usefulness of product features. In the context of price research, the goal of using conjoint analysis is to specify the monetary value of certain product features. For this purpose, customers are presented with product variants with different features.

price comparisons

In contrast to the first three research methods mentioned, price comparisons are not a demand-oriented method, but rather a competition-oriented procedure. During price comparisons, price information from competing products is compiled, the success of the competing products is measured and conclusions are drawn about good pricing for one's own products.

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