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Your provider for online market research: methods and services

We offer objective and in-depth market research in over 70 countries and with over 2 million participants. Our expertise in various research methods allows us to provide valuable insights that add value to your company.

Contact us and benefit from our variety of methods and services!

  • Cross-industry expertise and experience

  • Full service – from setup to evaluation!
  • Objective perspective and correct analysis
  • Competitor analysis and effective strategies
INTSAMP is a partner of professionals from all over the world
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Market research services

Reliable and individual services as part of our expert support

Thanks to our broad experience and our diverse range of efficient services, we are a professional provider for Online market research able to use all areas and methods of market research. From comprehensive studies with in-depth analysis to quick surveys that offer crucial added value – we are well prepared for every challenge!

With our standardized solutions, we enable you to generate quick results for urgent issues at relatively lower costs. The more specific your question, company situation and other aspects are, the more accurate solutions we will develop for you. Regardless of the service you book with us – whether standardized or highly individual – we always work with a high-quality service Sampling, which promotes high data quality.

Get exactly the service you need from us in fast-moving times in order to gain insightful insights and take the right marketing measures: Contact us and we will develop an individual service package for you!

Advantages of our services in panel market research

  • Cross-industry expertise and experience

    INTSAMP brings years of expertise and experience in market and opinion research. This expertise allows us to provide in-depth and accurate insights across a wide range of industries. We always recruit participants, analyze the results in the context of your competition and more with reference to the industry.

  • Full service offering from setup to evaluation

    We offer a complete service, from the conception of the questionnaire to the meaningful presentation of the results. We take care of participant selection, conduct quantitative research, and analyze the data to provide you with clear and actionable insights. If necessary, we also deliver fast and reliable data within 24 hours.

  • Competitor analysis and effective strategies

    We not only analyze your brand, products, target group and other research subjects, but also your competitors. This allows us to understand your position in the market. This allows us to better help you develop effective strategies and promote the achievement of your business goals.

  • Objective perspective and correct analysis

    Companies often find it difficult to maintain objectivity when conducting research independently. As an external provider of online market research, we fully guarantee an objective view of your brand, your products and all other relevant factors. This promotes the identification and solution of hidden problems.

Equipped for every challenge: panel market research in 6 areas

In today's world, it doesn't matter whether a company operates locally or globally: the market is interconnected and volatile; it is under constant global influences and is characterized by the rapid willingness to innovate. The constant fluctuations in the market and the ever-increasing demands of customers due to the large selection present companies with immense challenges when it comes to increasing brand awareness, developing new products and setting prices.

Our market research institute is aware of all the challenges. That's why we have developed comprehensive research approaches over the years and find solutions for every question companies have in our 6 areas of panel market research - regardless of whether this question concerns target group definition, product development or another field of research. Get an impression of our 6 research areas below.

Worldwide market research with INTSAMP

In fast-moving times, global insights are the key that gives you a decisive advantage. With our exclusive online access panels, we open doors to insights that will keep you one step ahead. Contact us now and let’s work together to provide your business with the insights it needs to succeed.

We ask the right questions

In Hamburg since 2008

Since 2008 we have been successfully conducting market research for the whole world from Germany's second largest metropolis

2,5 million panelists

We have 2,5 million qualified survey participants worldwide who actively participate in market research surveys.

600+ customers

We have already carried out successful market research projects with over 600 satisfied customers.

10 million completes / year

With 10 million completes per year, we are one of the leaders on the market

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