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High-quality sampling and comprehensive online access panels

Over 2 million participants in over 70 countries. High data quality guaranteed.

Ensuring high data quality is a central criterion in market research. In order to gain reliable insights and derive the right measures, we offer companies access to our carefully compiled online access panels and our high-quality sampling.

You too can benefit from it!

  • Cross-industry expertise and experience

  • Full service – from setup to evaluation!

  • Objective perspective and correct analysis

  • Competitor analysis and effective strategies

That's why our online sampling is convincing in terms of quantity and quality!

Broad recruiting base

As a professional provider for Online market research We rely on a broad recruiting base of survey participants. This allows you to define broad and targeted target groups for your research in over 70 countries. We bypass affiliate-controlled channels when recruiting to prevent financially motivated participants.

Deep profiling of the participants

In our online access panels, we rely on deep profiling of the participants. In this way, we filter out the suitable participants, which in turn leads to high data quality and offers companies high-quality insights. Based on the high-quality insights, companies can make the right marketing decisions.

Safety and quality checks

We take comprehensive measures to ensure safety and quality. For example, our double opt-in procedure and our duplicate check contribute to the high quality of registrations. Quality questions and location checks lead to better participant selection. This prevents multiple participation and bots.

Comprehensive range of methods

On the overview page of our services and on the associated subpages you will receive comprehensive insights into our range of services. The variety of online market research methods also promotes willingness to participate in our online access panels. The panelists benefit from a lot of variety through a variety of methods.

Selecting a provider for market and opinion research presents companies with ever greater challenges these days, because the market research institute industry is also characterized by a constantly increasing number of new providers.

As a local and global market research institute with over 2 million panelists in over 70 countries, we at INTSAMP ensure the highest research standards. In order to prevent unqualified participants, survey bots and other negative influences on research quality, we have taken the measures mentioned in the list above. We also recruit our participants online and offline via various channels.

Would you like to generate accurate and reliable results in target group research, brand research, price research and other research fields? Then get in touch with us! We will advise you individually and show you several ways to gain valuable insights to stay one step ahead of your competition.

Worldwide market research with INTSAMP

In fast-moving times, global insights are the key that gives you a decisive advantage. With our exclusive online access panels, we open doors to insights that will keep you one step ahead. Contact us now and let’s work together to provide your business with the insights it needs to succeed.

Sampling with enormous data quality

Our sampling as part of various offers

Our team of experts would be happy to design sophisticated and tailor-made research concepts for your company as part of our full-service offer! With our full-service support, you can expect an all-round, worry-free offer, ranging from the design of the questionnaire and the careful sampling of participants by our experts to the implementation of the research and presentation of the results.

We define your target group with high precision using more than 3.000 criteria. We select the appropriate participants through sampling and invite them to take part in the research. The research is then carried out based on carefully selected methods. If it is due to e.g. B. If time pressure is necessary in the innovation process, you will receive the evaluation of your research within 24 hours.

INTSAMP is a partner of professionals from all over the world
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Frequently asked questions about sampling at INTSAMP

We rely globally on a comprehensive concept for selecting and profiling participants in order to offer you the best research quality. Our efforts are reflected, among other things, in a high response rate (> 30%), which means that participants are very willing to take part in a wide variety of online and offline market research methods with us. This means that companies at our market research institute have a large pool of panelists at their disposal to carry out their research, which they can then filter based on 3.000 criteria in order to identify the best research participants and gain accurate insights in all research fields.

What makes our online access panels special?

Our own survey participant panel MOBROG is built and managed by us to ensure we can provide qualified and engaged participants for your market research projects. Participants are recruited both actively and passively through various channels.

How does the collaboration with our panelists work?

Our own survey participant panel MOBROG is built and managed by us to ensure we can provide qualified and engaged participants for your market research projects. Participants are recruited both actively and passively through various channels.

The members of MOBROG receive invitations to surveys either by email or directly via the MOBROG app on their smartphones. The attractive compensation encourages a high level of willingness to participate and ensures high-quality feedback that provides your company with valuable insights.

How do you get access to our online access panel via API?

You get direct access to our online access panel via our sampling API. Inform you on this documentation page would like to know more about the sampling API. We offer you the advantage of integrating the API into your applications, giving you easy access to your online sampling.

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With 10 million completes per year, we are one of the leaders on the market

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