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Our Global Access Panels

We provide global support for your market research with our own high quality online panels. We have access to interesting target groups from both B2C and B2B audiences. We will provide professional support from the initial concept, to the actual survey and then analyzing the data collected.

Our online access panels offer you access to consumers in more than 60 countries. The size of the country panels varies, but they all have one thing in common: high quality.

Panel Recruitment and Panel Maintenance

The participants in our online surveys are registered members of our online panel www.mobrog.com.

The panelists are actively and passively recruited through different channels such as telephone campaigns, online and print advertisements, recommendations, PR, etc.

Once they have registered for the panel they are receiving fitting surveys via email or mobile app directly on their smartphone.

As an incentive to participate and as a token of appreciation, participants receive a small remuneration.

The profiles are updated regularly. On the one hand, participants are asked to update existing data. On the other hand, new attributes are always added to the profile section to ensure the widest and deepest sample selection. Participants who have not responded to surveys in several months or who have not updated their data are deleted from our database. That we can accurately estimate the extent to which we can assist our clients with very specific requests.

Panel Quality

High panel quality and continuous panel maintenance are crucial to the long-term success of an online panel. We ensure the panel quality through different measures taken at all relevant stages of our work.

Our recruiting base is broad and consists of various online and offline sources. We do not use affiliate-driven channels, since the quality of these panelists has been shown to be poor and almost exclusively driven by monetary concerns. Participants must register themselves using a double opt-in procedure. We also subject them to a check for duplicate registrations.

Self-selection is excluded from our surveys. Participants are actively invited to participate in a survey and this is the only way that they can participate. When sending the invitation, we do not inform the participants about the survey topic. We avoid "survey junkies" by only inviting participants to surveys on a sporadic basis.

We regularly build into our surveys quality-assurance questions that can be answered only if the participants have read the survey carefully. In addition, the actual location of the IP address is checked and multiple participation via different profiles is excluded by the use of cookies. If panelists fail to meet our quality standards, they are excluded from the panel.

Data Quality and Panelist Quantity

Our slogan is "Data Quality and Panelist Quantity," a strategy that pays off for us and our clients. Our high quality standards in recruitment of participants and our qualified team's continuous and meticulous maintenance of our panels can be seen in our exceptionally high response rates and the close affinity we enjoy with our participants. This results in responses that meet the highest standards of quality to provide our customers with a solid basis for successful research projects.

Real people, real answers

Participants of our panel are real people who provide authentic answers. Meet some of our panelists who would love to participate in your survey.

Thomas, 39, United Kingdom

Sanjib, 35, India

Michael, 43, USA

Caroline, 18, USA

Geoff, 66, United Kingdom

Aaron, 25, USA

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