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Your provider for online market research in over 70 countries

Locally and globally. With expert support and individual service packages.

As an online market research provider, we provide deep insights into market and consumer trends so that you can make informed decisions and always stay one step ahead of your competition.

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INTSAMP is a partner of professionals from all over the world
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Panel market research at INTSAMP offers you these key advantages!

  • Reach

    We provide our own and exclusively managed panels of over 2 million proprietary survey participants in 74 countries. This means we offer you the entire spectrum of online market research locally and globally. The global capacity of our panels makes it possible to define and reach both top and broad target groups.

  • Quality

    There are hardly any other online market research providers with such a large global reach who also have their own team of experts with technical and methodological expertise. This ensures high research quality. We also observe the international ICC/ESOMAR code.

  • Flexibility

    You will receive support from our expert team of project managers and data analysts - from conception to implementation and analysis of market and opinion research. We put together an individual service package that precisely covers your needs. We are also able to deliver quick research results within 24 hours.

  • Efficiency

    We impress with the smooth organization of our expert support. This is how we make online market research efficient for you. Our optimized processes and in-house processing via our own panels offer you first-class services at a fair price.

The advantages of market research via our own panels contribute to solving today's problems. This problem in the market and opinion research industry is as follows: The industry is driven by enormous competition between service providers. In addition, automation through DIY tools and developments in the field of AI are having a disruptive impact on the market. Despite all the competition and all the innovation, quality problems are increasingly occurring in the selection of participants and the quality of the surveys.

Our panel company positions itself as a solution on the market: As a provider of panel market research, we at INTSAMP are the beacon that helps companies worldwide to generate and evaluate reliable insights in stormy and volatile times through high-quality online market research! To this end, we approach all customers individually and put all of our skills at the service of our customers.

When you work with us, you not only receive a service, but also an experienced team that aims to achieve success together with you. Contact us now!

The 6 areas of our market and opinion research

Due to the increasingly interconnected global market, companies cannot know everything about their products, services, brand impact and other relevant aspects of marketing. The volatile market and the impact of economic crises and disruptive innovations create an additional vacuum that companies must fill with reliable data and correct conclusions.

This is where our full-service market research institute comes in: With our expert team of data analysts and project managers as well as our high-quality survey participants, data is obtained through well-founded and practical insights in order to make decisions that allow you to tap into new potential. For this purpose, we have defined the following 6 areas of market and opinion research.

In fast-moving times, global insights are the key that gives you a decisive advantage over your competition. With our exclusive online access panels and our expert support, our full-service market research institute opens doors to far-reaching insights for you. Contact us to collaborate to provide your business with the critical insights it needs to thrive.

Worldwide market research with INTSAMP

In fast-moving times, global insights are the key that gives you a decisive advantage. With our exclusive online access panels, we open doors to insights that will keep you one step ahead. Contact us now and let’s work together to provide your business with the insights it needs to succeed.

Sampling with enormous data quality

Sampling with enormous data quality

To give you a high quality Sampling With exceptional data quality, we attach great importance to carefully selecting our participants. All of our over 2 million participants in more than 70 countries come from a broad recruiting base, giving you the opportunity for reliable online market research with broad and targeted target groups.

We pay attention to the selection of participants via a wide range of online and offline channels in order to avoid financially motivated participants. We also rely on a very precise profiling of the participants so that you can accurately identify the participants for your studies. Benefit now from the high-precision sampling at the market research institute INTSAMP!

Frequently asked questions about online market research at INTSAMP

Who is suitable for working with our market research institute INTSAMP?

Collaboration with our market research institute INTSAMP is recommended for all companies who want to get to know their sales market better and identify risks from competition in order to achieve greater economic success.

Which market research tools do we offer?

Collaboration with our market research institute INTSAMP is recommended for all companies who want to get to know their sales market better and identify risks from competition in order to achieve greater economic success.

How much does market research cost?

The costs for market research are individual and depend in particular on the requirements of the company. In addition, the choice of research methods is cost-relevant. Contact us now for one free initial consultation and we will send you a non-binding cost estimate.

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Since 2008 we have been successfully conducting market research for the whole world from Germany's second largest metropolis

2,5 million panelists

We have 2,5 million qualified survey participants worldwide who actively participate in market research surveys.

600+ customers

We have already carried out successful market research projects with over 600 satisfied customers.

10 million completes / year

With 10 million completes per year, we are one of the leaders on the market

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